Corporate Overview

Began life in 1975 as Nemo Motor based in western Sydney where are still located now part of World's Largest Shopping Centre which is fully owned by us who are designer and builder as well.

man sitting at a desk looking at multiple sceens
man sitting at a desk looking at multiple sceens

Transport is Our Heritage where everything started but even then We had very wide concept of what would be covered since includes practically every movement situation from mass market cars and trucks through high capacity public rail or road systems and farm machinery to aircraft, helicoptors, various ships, specialist items for police and army, satellites, rockets and space stations plus office lifts/elevators and amusement rides. But this was not enough since became Major Tourism Industry Player with hotel group Festival and tour package Experience then with purchase of Transport Ministry off State Government (of NSW) where operates All public routes on road or rail along with ferries thus exists as sanctioned monopoly

Also is just part of GFPA as got whole other area called Market Gear (sold as Nebula) which runs over similar wide range from electronics for home and office through toys and hobbies to household appliances, plumbing, climate, furnture and textilies plus fitness gear, police/army merchandise, video movies, music, tv series and collection of publications in digital format.

In addition to both these, are known for food outlets (Lancelot) and entertainment venues (Battle) plus got communications carrier, multiple regional airlines and global one, full scale integrated emergency service that begin with Police through courts and ends at prisons (design for AU/NZ, not for EU and sole spot in US), finance and health care (mainly AU), construction, waste processing, television and radio networks across many regions and only privately funded operational space program

Given our production background the services we operate act as marketing opportunties since airlines use Neptune with Callisto vehicles and Centurion trains on public routes plus Aquarius ferries while Nebula pop up everywhere from offices and depots to stations and shops