What is GFPA's Cultural View

Outlines Our Cultural Attitudes for Staff via its recruitment selection and induction program which is known as Journey to Atlantis. It touches on some of benefits available at GFPA

10/7/20232 min read

With our heavy relience of automated electronic equipment The Workforce are highly skilled motivated specialists while due to very selective process used for Employment as intended to keep staff for long term being 25 years at least prefer much longer. Most of External Recruitment We do is related to putting on The Uniform for Legal Duty so only small amount of office roles are available being typically quite low level entry positions where will be looking more at behaviour and attitude than technical skills (ut will not be considered without them. We do not use 3rd party agents or websites as want to retain control over own things of own since will discover this is a recurring theme for us that dates back to our early history.

Virtually all office roles are handled by internal service that is automated process where various departments offer brief assignments or projects that either plug gaps in schedule or required to be completed but lack essential staff since are highly specialised and/or need specific security clearance to access sensitive parts of Base Services Network.

Technical skills and knowledge are evaluted before moves on to series of challenges to test behaviour and attitude plus if want to join Police there are 2 physical events to do as well that look at speed or reactions and endurance. Interviews are conducted with candidates who score well in challenges with good history from background investigations while some times may need to perform short on site experiment if several candidates are too close to separate but will be done in high action demanding office with full involvement of department's supervisor who is to conduct close monitoring on them.

All Employment is based on office staff working 7 hour per day for 5 day excluding public holidays while paid on fortnightly cycle after time sheets have been processed. Flexible work patterns are available after being approved by site supervisor since no office is open on weekends but Police are on schedule which see them on duty at night as well as day plus we / ph depending on where are in their shift cycle but gets extra pay for ph.

Appointment Process

This is where it starts for external public by completing an online form which collect basic information so can conduct investigation into applicant history criminal and general. GFPA will only select Australian citizens for jobs offered in Australia which is not unique as does same thing across globe but when inside Enterprise the rules are different. All Our work is perform in 1 langague which is English while in Europe does allow German to be use as alternative. Role Statements are very important as create template for profile account as to what parts of network can be access safety. Study Leave is available so staff can develop their knowledge for better promotion at Enterprise but often are limited to what is offer by own University.

Not just about Recruitment since is not all work and no play because runs large collection of Social Clubs in many territories of various Divisions as Clubs function as Reward to staff who do their roles effective and properly in office or achieve great things out in community

Performance Management

Officially known as Duty Review since our Police Officers are well aware of it so can advance in rank and/or status but actually started in Office as The Development Tool to discover skills gap and behavioural shortfall plus Office DR would be used to promote and/or select for special projects and ventures as well