Our Production System

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10/30/20231 min read

Concept of being Innovative Pioneer can be traced back to unique setup of industrial supply cycle that is fully integrated end to end and heavily based on electronic devices and machinery. We own the entire process from raw materials though building and distribution to waste collection. Every thing is tracked, monitored and analysed for efficiency along with opportunities for future improvements to be made and deployed.

Essential Production is claimed to run the largest collection operations in the World and can reuse literally anything we get. This is all important for goal of sustainable exploration and development also allows us to meet self declared mission of being thriving enterprise at centennial anniversary and far beyond. Plus it is why we spend 100's of millions on maintenance and repair of various systems which other goups are likely to ignore and/or not properly understand the significance of servicing older items to their brand and loyalty. We have Zero Landfill Policy which means all things used get second, third even fourth lifes as are continually remade into newer stuff for sale around the world in endless loops.

In Australia, got contracts with all levels of government/agencies and departments, appears at shopping centres/schools/hospitals/factories and hotels plus residential bins in multiple suburbs of cities and towns across New South Wales and Victoria at this stage (are expecting Queensland and South Australia to be added very soon). Apart from collecting waste we do clean office space and streets while doing regular scans of electronic devices to prevent spread of virus/malware and spam which is done by Frontier on Plaza and Celestial. If you are staff will have protected folder but is still check for non corporate stuff that generates explain message but no respone means automatic meeting with supervisor and soldier of internal investigation.

Our Collection trucks are frequent sight on the street being special design from Callisto picking up equally special waste bin which continued with multi colour lids but it is does not really matter since everything is sorted back at inspection area prior to being put into smelter whose output is high quality base item which is next fed into conponent factory known as sealed since No human can enter the building.